Poppylin was created by Michele Chung in the Summer of 2020. Poppy stands for the Poppy flower - with a sweet citrusy smell, including aromas of cocoa, cherry blossoms, and vanilla, and that is popular in Canada, and celebrates where she was born. Lin stands for her middle name and is her grandma's name.

She first started crocheting in 5th grade, starting with scarves for her school friends as holiday gifts, and then began to create purses and bags. She would take plastic bags that customers no longer wanted from the grocery store, and she would cut them into strips and create her own yarn. Thus became thrown out grocery bags that were reused into environmentally friendly purses. Fast forward more than a decade, and she decided to get back into crocheting, but with a love of fashion mixed in. She wanted to merge new and current fashion trends into the crochet space, and created Poppylin.

Gone are the oversized blankets and winter beanies you may think of when you hear the word "crochet", and instead comes in corsets and one shoulder pieces with satin lace backs that you will see on the site today. Poppylin is about dressing the modern woman in contemporary handmade fashion, whether that's a woman being a girl boss at her job or dancing freely among the flowers, she is whoever she wants to be. There is no goal too big and there is nothing you cannot achieve in Poppylin.